Garcia’s Forest, a creation by the Free Will Brewing Company, beckons beer enthusiasts into a world where tradition and innovation seamlessly coexist. As the elixir fills your glass, its appearance alone hints at the delightful journey that awaits. A hazy, pale yellow nectar takes center stage, its inviting hue setting the stage for the complex interplay of flavors that is to come. Crowning this liquid treasure is a lustrous white head, a foamy crown that seems to hold the secrets of a lush forest in its frothy embrace.

Upon bringing the glass to your nose, you are immediately greeted by an enchanting medley of aromas that tantalize the senses. The brewery’s description hits the nail on the head as notes of citrus and dank hops dance together, forming a harmonious bouquet that beckons you deeper into the forest of flavors. The citrus elements play a lead role, with the zesty, juicy fragrance of grapefruit taking center stage, supported by delicate hints of tangelo, white peach, and even a whisper of honeydew. But there’s an intriguing twist in this olfactory journey – a subtle undercurrent of pine resin that adds depth and complexity, hinting at the beer’s West Coast lineage.

As you finally take that long-awaited sip, Garcia’s Forest reveals its true character with an artful blend of old and new school hop flavors. The grapefruit, vibrant and juicy, dances on your palate, while the white peach introduces a touch of sweetness that harmonizes with the bitter symphony of hops. And let’s not forget that nod to the West Coast style – a hint of pine resin that adds a delightful earthy dimension to the taste profile. It’s as if you’ve embarked on a sensory expedition, traversing through a lush forest where every sip unveils a new layer of flavor.

But Garcia’s Forest isn’t just about flavor; it’s about balance. The mouthfeel is a masterpiece in itself, striking a delicate equilibrium between the hazy, pillowy goodness of a New England IPA and the crisp, clean contours of a West Coast classic. This balance ensures that the beer is both velvety and refreshing, making it an ideal companion for any season or occasion.

As you savor the final drops of this liquid masterpiece, the finish leaves an indelible mark. It’s crisp, invigorating, and wonderfully bitter, like a brisk breeze rustling through the leaves of an ancient forest. The dank quality, a hallmark of the West Coast style, lingers, inviting you to take one more journey through the woods.

Garcia’s Forest by Free Will Brewing Company brilliantly marries the bold, amplified dankness of the West Coast with the juicy, fruit-forward allure of the New England style. It’s a beer that invites you to explore the best of both worlds, where each sip is a harmonious journey through the enchanting forest of hops. In the words of the brewery, it truly is a “new age meets west coast IPA” that beckons you to embrace the forest’s secrets, one sip at a time.

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