GoodLot Brewing in Caledon, Ontario, is making some great beer on their hops farm northwest of Belfountain.

Today we’re putting their Amber Ale front and centre of this review, and to give you a short answer, it’s probably the closest to perfect amber ale out there you’re going to get.

Sadly though, there’s some bad news. There will only be one or two batches left in the current incarnation, and that’s all folks. 

Why? Talking to the employees at GoodLot Brewing, one of the key ingredients is Hop X. This hop variety with no name is what gives The Amber Ale its taste profile (more on that later). Pull your chairs around the table and here’s the story. 

While GoodLot prides itself on using homegrown hops, they had an opportunity to buy out a batch from Clear Valley Hops, a mystery hop strain that was the byproduct of cross-pollination between two other varieties.

Originally considered a write-off, the Hop X plants were pulled rendering this unique variety extinct. GoodLot purchased the crop output, hence Amber Hop X Ale today. 

Pouring Amber Hop X, you have a classic dark copper colour with an off white head releasing aromas of caramel and spices. 

Goodlot beer

Tasting Amber Hop X is a more sophisticated amber ale, with a bit of caramel, Christmas pudding along with citrus and pine notes. It is the complex interplay of these tasting notes that make this amber ale so special. 

As mentioned above, once GoodLot runs out of Hop X, that’s it for Amber Hop X Ale. They might experiment with other hop strains in the future with an amber ale but it won’t be the same and have a different name.  

If you are in Southern Ontario and love amber ales, I would find your way to GoodLot Brewing sooner than later. In fact, I’d go sooner. 

Amber Hop X Ale is available in 473ml cans at the brewery only in Caledon Ontario for a limited time. Follow GoodLot brewing on their social channels to find out availability. 


  • Style: Amber Ale
  • ABV: 5.5%
  • IBU: 25% 
  • Taste: Caramel, spice, citrus, pine
  • Score: 4.5 out of 5
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