Year after year, the Good Time Tricycle Productions team has been working to bring one of the best beer festivals in the country to Atlantic City. With musical acts like The Used, SOJA and The Wonder Years on headlining stage, their next big party was ready to go for March 29-30, 2019.

It’s not all spectacle, it’s also beer heaven, with nearly 600 beers from 150 breweries, local, national and global brands side-by-side with some of the most interesting beer festival vendors and delicious food options.



It’s impossible to take this all in with just one session. I highly recommend making a weekend of it down in Atlantic City and going to multiple sessions so that you can really savor it all. Each session has a different headlining musician as well, so you get a new show every time.

With so many great beers, it really was hard to choose, but, well, that’s what I’m here to do today. First one up is from home, actually. I guess this is a bit unfair, as I was at the brewery the week before and had a much more intimate sit down with this first beer.


Victory Brewing Company

Cloud Walker

With this newer release from Victory Brewing Company, they have finally entered the business of Hazy IPAs, pretty much my go-to beer style. Pours a hazy, dark straw color with moderate, creamy, white foam with some minimal retention over time. Mellow fruit and citrus aromas, including pineapple rind and malt. Medium-bodied, light carbonation, with a wonderfully smooth, creamy mouthfeel. Citrus hop flavors, with oranges, tangerines, and pineapples dancing on the tongue. Mild bitterness and a boozy bite followed by the malt and sweet fruit. Probably my favorite beer to come out of Victory, ever.


Double Nickel Brewing Company

The Big Looper


Vinyl Brewing Company

Glitch in the Matrix

Winner of the best Sour at the festival, I just had to try. Conditioned on blackberries, blueberries and raspberries, this is one hell of a sour beer. The raspberries and blackberries are definitely in control here, with blueberries along for the ride. Take the red pill, try this beer yourself.



Every AC Beer & Music Festival, a panel of judges decides on the BEST beers available from every brewer. This years winners are as follows:


1st Place:  Genesee Bock Beer
2nd Place:  Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers House Lager
3rd Place:  Bucket Brigade Crowbar Cream Ale

New England IPA

1st Place:  Three 3’s Back To Reality
2nd Place:  Beach Haus We Were Made For Peach Other
3rd Place:  Nickel Brook Wicked Awesome

American Pale Ale

1st Place:  Beach Haus Free World Pale Ale
2nd Place:  Half Acre Smoking Gull
3rd Place:  Wild Onion Crazy Fingers


1st Place:  Rusty Rail Fool’s Gold
2nd Place:  Jughandle Hefeweizen
3rd Place:  Garden State Beer Company Blue Jersey


1st Place:  Horny Goat Chocolate Peanut Butter Porter
2nd Place:  Mud Hen Captain Doug’s Porter
3rd Place:  Cross Keys Peepin’ Porter

West Coast IPA

1st Place:  Melvin Brewing Melvin IPA
2nd Place:  Slack Tide Angry Osprey IPA
3rd Place:  Wild Onion Misfit IPA


1st Place:  Allagash Tripel
2nd Place:  Springdale Beer Pearly Wit
3rd Place:  Jersey Girl King Gambrinus

Fruit Beer

1st Place:  Hokkaido Brewery White Peach Ale
2nd Place:  Left Hand Brewing Flaming Dreams Nitro
3rd Place:  Big Muddy Blueberry Blonde Ale

Malt-Forward Ale

1st Place:  Devil’s Creek Caramel Apple
2nd Place:  Death Of The Fox Reynard’s Last Chase
3rd Place:  Bucket Brigade Axe Head Amber Ale

Double+ IPA

1st Place:  Half Acre Navaja
2nd Place:  Tonewood Improv
3rd Place:  Melvin Brewing 2×4


1st Place:  Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner
2nd Place:  Ship Bottom Czech Pilsner
3rd Place:  Jack’s Abby Craft Lagers Post Shift Pilsner


1st Place:  ACE Pineapple Hard Cider
2nd Place:  Angry Orchard Rosé
3rd Place:  Angry Orchard Crisp Apple


1st Place:  Jughandle Break Dancing With The Czars
2nd Place:  Spellbound Living The Dream?!
3rd Place:  Manafirkin Wake The Firk Up


1st Place:  Vinyl Brewing Glitch In The Matrix
2nd Place:  Manayunk Belly Flop
3rd Place:  Fort Nonsense Admiral of The Narrow Seas


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