The Remix, which took place on September 18, 2021, was a unique beer tasting fundraiser event by the 4 Local Beer Fest team which took place at Blueprint Brewing Company in Harleysville, PA.

The proceeds from this event went towards the Laurel House, an organization dedicated to the vision of ending domestic violence in each life, home, and community.

They work towards this goal by advocating for and empowering those who are impacted by domestic violence through various outreach programs, with crisis intervention, safe havens, general support and resources for victims, as well as advancing wider societal change through preventative education, community training, and collaboration with other organizations.

Donating to the Laurel House is incredibly easy. Your support can give those affected by domestic abuse a chance for a better life.

So, what makes this beer festival so unique, you may ask? At The Remix, groups were seated at their tables for the entirety of the event, with breweries rotating around. No more standing in lines, trudging along behind the crowd of beer lovers. Each table got a unique, extended opportunity to not only try the beer, but to be able to sit and try it while talking with the brewer themselves.

It helps too that it was such a lovely day, albeit a shade too warm, but we had cold beer to help with that. A few complaints early on trickled away as people kept trying new samples and the late summer weather was soon more than welcome.

Unlike other beer festivals, the breweries brought cans prior to the event, with each table receiving their own take-home cooler of beer at the beginning of the event, allowing the attendees themselves to pour the round as each brewery came by.

This all allowed for a much more intimate experience between guests and the brewers, while further reducing risk among the group at large (being that we are living in the COVID age now).

On top of the beer (in a commemorative tasting glass of course), each table was also provided appetizers from Menagerie Foods and I must say, everything I had was absolutely delicious, especially the Shrimp Stir Fry and Mexican Corn.

As we sat and discussed beer with our friends, family, and the brewers themselves, we also had some live entertainment from the Hypnotic Eye Band, a Tom Petty cover band. The music was a perfect match for the afternoon, as I saw more than a few bobbing their heads along with the music.

I also had the pleasure of meeting a beer podcaster I’ve listened to on more than a few occasions, with Dan Herb from The Best Best Friends Podcast, who was on site interviewing the brewers as they came around and generally having a fun time.

I absolutely love this format for beer festivals, it definitely works very well as this scale, and I would have no hesitation going to one like this again, even if COVID were not a thing. It was just a much more relaxed atmosphere. There was entertainment, but you could also sit back and hear yourself think, as the warm sun washes across your face.

Lastly, a big pet peeve of mine is leaving a beer festival, knowing I may never see some of these beers again, wishing I could have had a little more time. Lucky me though – at the end of the event, all the beers that were sampled were available for purchase directly from the brewers. They should have more of these kinds of events!

The Beer

Prolific – Hazy IPA

Two Locals Brewing Company

Two Locals brewing have been quite busy lately. Philly’s first Black-Owned brewery released their first canned beer in March of 2021, won Philly Mag’s “Best New Brewery” in the Best of Philly 2021 list, and now, their beers will be available at Lincoln Financial Field for the Eagles games.

Beautiful copper-amber pour with moderate packed head that lasts. A solid malt and hop combination on the nose. This is an unmistakably American IPA. Sweet malts and a pleasant earthy hop bitterness on the tongue. Incredibly smooth drinking, barely a hint of alcohol. Perfect for a football game, frankly!

Inca Zea – Belgian Ale (w/ Purple Corn)

Xbeerimental Brewing Company

Harry Peck, the founder and brewer of pico-brewer Xbeerimental Brewing Company, loves brewing with unique ingredients, influenced by a variety of different cultures, always pushing to create out of the box flavor profiles in a diverse selection of styles.

With this beer, it’s probably best that Harry explains himself:

Some of the first people to ferment anything was the Incans. Purple corn was used to make what was thought to be the drink of the gods, and brought you strength! That is where I came up with Inca Zea, a Belgian ale brewed with purple corn. Up front the aromas of a Belgian with a finish of sweet and spicy purple corn that helps mellow this beer out.

Stigma Crusher – DDH Pale Ale

Odd Logic Brewing Company

Stigma Crusher is Odd Logic Brewing Company’s 5.5% DDH Pale Ale Series helps raise awareness for (and ultimately crush the stigma that surrounds) mental health. This is now batch six, hopped in the whirlpool with Citra, Cascade & El Dorado utilizing Odd Logic’s own multi-step process and then double dry hopped with all three hops. Incredibly fruity, creamy, and immensely crushable (double meaning there on the name!).

Tiamat Lager Boots – Hoppy Amber Lager

Tannery Run Brew Works

Brewed in collaboration with Deer Creek Malthouse, this limited, special splatch beer from Tannery Run Brew Works is overflowing with herbal and citrusy hop aromas alongside tropical blossoms and toasted crackers.

This beer is hopped with the 4th Annual Pink Boots Blend made by Yakima Chief Hops. Using First Crack Malt, Deer Creek Malthouse’s Melanoidin style locally grown malt with dark roasty bitterness with rich maltiness, and notes of toasted bread, burnt sugar, and dried fruit.

A portion of proceeds from the sale of this beer supports the Pink Boots Society.

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