One of the cool things about being a craft beer drinker – apart from the great beer itself – is seeing how the industry is growing in different areas and countries.

Here in Ontario, Canada where I live, for example, there are over 240 craft brewers, with another 100 in the planning stage – a huge jump in just the last two years alone.

In the U.S., while traditionally craft brewing may have been seen as being the domain of states like New England, Oregon, and Colorado, there’s a surprising name making a bit of a charge – Florida.

As you can see from the infographic below, Florida isn’t just starting to have an appreciation for craft beer – it’s downright determined to join the craft beer party as a guest of standing!

  • 10th most craft brewers in the U.S.
  • Ranks 5th nationwide for positive impact on the economy
  • The average ABV is just over 6.3% (this particularly pleases me!)

These are just some of the cool facts on Florida’s rise as a major player in the American craft beer industry. Check out the full infographic below for all the details – cheers!


Danny Brown
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