I was traveling up Highway 35 to my annual long weekend getaway in Northern Muskoka and wanted to stop by Haliburton Highlands Brewing on the way. I reviewed their Honey Brown Ale a few months ago and wanted to grab some.

I got talking to Jewelle, one of the co-owners about their beers and she brought out for me to try from the bottling line a new beer they were going to start selling over the weekend as sort of a trial run. After tasting, I told her it had to be part of the core line.

So, kveik, what the heck is it? It is a type of yeast used in a variety of beers and it is also Norwegian farmhouse ale, which we’re reviewing today. The Spruce Kveik is now a seasonal beer and a low run.

Norwegian farmhouse ales, or maltøls, are a family of beers and the Spruce Kveik is a lower alcohol version of a Vossaøl. These beers have a fruity and sweet fruity taste profile with some toffee notes.

The Spruce Kveik is (as it’s name implies) spruce-infused instead of juniper (as it is done back in Norway) to add a local twist to the traditional recipe. It should be noted purists will bristle at the name because kveik is a strain of yeast, not a style of beer, but if you can look past this, it tastes great.

The Spruce Kveik is a very easy drinking beer with only 4.3% ABV and will appeal to a variety of people and while only a seasonal, this could be served in the middle of the Summer and be enjoyed.

I hope it becomes part of the Halliburton Highlands Brewing permanent roster because we need more Norwegian beers out there. My one regret is not buying more bottles when I was passing through.

I have to stress again, this is a small run seasonal beer only available at Haliburton Highlands Brewing. When I mean small run, as I mentioned above, the labels are handwritten with a sharpie marker. It is worth the drive north, though, and while you’re up there check out The Abbey Gardens for lunch.

Now if you want to read more about Norwegian farmhouse ales check this blog post out for more background reading.

Halliburton Highlands Brewing Spruce Kveik Farmhouse Ale is available (for now) in the bottle at the Brewery east of Highway 35 on Highway 118, Haliburton Highlands.


  • ABV: 4.3%
  • IBU: 27
  • Style: Saison / Farmhouse Ale
  • Rating: 5/5
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