The annual Great Beer Expo by Starfish Junctions Productions came and passed once again on Saturday, February 1st, 2020 at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey. The Great Beer Expo is a beer tasting extravaganza that brings more than 70 breweries together, including local favorites, award-winning regional and national breweries, as well as international trend-setters with more than 150 beers in all.

The crowds were there in full force on Saturday, with a packed house milling about trying the ridiculous number of beers (this is the second largest beer festival in New Jersey). In fact, this festival was recently nominated for USA Today’s Ten Best Beer Fests list (again). If you were there, be sure to stop at that link and vote!

Featured Beers

Blue Point Brewing Company

Imperial Sunshine

An Imperial Blonde Ale brewed with Oranges, Imperial Sunshine boasts a 9.6% ABV, but goes down like orange juice. Unreal. A pleasantly tart, crisp hop finish. All-around tasty summer brew.

Two Ton Brewing Company

Low Orbit Ion Cannon

Golden honey color, with healthy white head and thin, creamy lacing. Lemon, lime and pineapple alongside floral hops on the nose. Not as fruity taste as you’d expect from a New England IPA, but no complaints here. 6.6% ABV easily allows for a few of these in one night. 

Spellbound Brewing

Belgian Tripel Cherry

Dark golden goodness, brewed by adding sour cherries to the fermentation on their tripel. Inviting and alluring aromas of cherry alongside the malt and other red berry scents. Not too sweet, carries a subtle spiciness. Smooth-drinking and incredibly enjoyable sipper.

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