Well, hot damn, this was a kick in the teeth – but in a very good way!

Barnstormer Brewing, located in Barrie, Ontario, has long been a champion of making beer that delivers on every front – taste, look, aroma, and more.

After all, when a brewer’s mantra is “…to save the world from enduring even one more lousy, domestic bottle of unthinkably bland, filtered, watery beer”, what’s not to like?

So I got their Accelerated Stall Imperial IPA (also known as Maverick’s IIPA and, no, that’s not a typo!) with the excitement of a kid about to try a new toy they’d had their eye on for a while, and now finally had.

And it didn’t disappoint.

Barnstormer Maverick's IPA

From the moment you pour the can into your glass of choice, the aroma hits your nostrils and takes you to a warm summer day in a grassy field,

The amber colour has a nice foggy tint to it (always a good sign, in my books), and the smooth foamy head invites you to dip in.

Reading the can, you’ll see that this is an all-natural, unfiltered IPA made from just a few ingredients – water, malted barley, hops, and yeast.

The four hops used by Barnstormer are a mix of Australian, American, and French hops, and the result is a gentle battle between tropical fruitiness and the right amount of bitter citrus.

The taste isn’t too overpowering, although it does give you a nice buzz as you make your way down the glass. Strong enough to hit, soft enough to savour. Now that’s a combination that anyone can enjoy.

If you get a chance to try this, do so – it’s a keeper!

  • ABV: 8.4%
  • IBU: 80+
  • Style: Imperial Ale
  • Taste: Hoppy, fruity, citrus
  • Rating: 4.5/5
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