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We’ve always thought of ourselves as über nerds and craft beer enthusiasts. But do we make the ultimate cut of “übergeeks”? At übergeek Brewing Company, in Riverhead, New York, we may have finally met our match!

While featuring an unassuming exterior, prepare to enter a whole other world (if not universe) on the inside. You may want to check their calendar of events, as there’s no shortage of engaging community offerings: from live bands, to Harry Potter trivia, to ugly holiday sweater parties.

With some beautiful and stylistic wall art, and even plans to incorporate arcade machines, this is a brewery with a ton of potential considering that they’re only in their first year of full-time operation. With a spot-on theme of many-a-things-nerdy, übergeek has some great vibes with even greater ones in the making.

Most important, of course, is the beer itself. So do übergeek’s brews rise into the category of übergreat?

But What About the Beer?

While there’s much to be said for breweries that crush a particular brew style like sours, stouts, or IPAs; it’s just as exciting when they offer multiple styles that each stand out on their own.

Such is the case at übergeek. While we can’t wait to see what they come up with in the future, there is no shortage of current offerings that should satiate you no matter your beer preference.

The nerd-themed naming of each brew was spot-on as well! But what were our favorites?

Jackie’s Favorite Brew

Always a fan of a killer seasonal brew, one of my all-time favorites has to be a crisp, well-balanced pumpkin beer. There’s few tastes as refreshing, and übergeek’s “i don’t wanna force it” pumpkin ale nails this vibe.

While many such beers can sometimes overwhelm a drinker with sweetness, the owner specifically told us that he set out to design a brew that “doesn’t need a sugar-cinnamon rim”. Indeed, the flavors alone do all the tasty work you could want.

What’s beautiful about this pumpkin ale is that whether you’re a fan of this style or not, you should find something within this unique version that you love!

Joe’s Favorite Brew

A winter-time stout is one of the best timed beer styles out there. There’s just something about this darker, bold vibe that stands out as the cold weather rolls in.

As such, my favorite beer award has to go to übergeek’s “no tootsie pops were harmed: orange” dessert stout. This is a difficult one to even describe, as quite simply, it’s unlike any stout we’ve ever experienced. With an almost soda-y body, yet still the rich chocolatey flavor that any stout lover will drool over, this is one rare (and frankly, delicious) brew that you’re not going to want to miss out on this season!

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