First Impressions

Expectations are a fickle thing. Word of mouth, Google Reviews, and online images can all work together to paint a picture that may or may not be representative of a brewery’s true essence. And so what to expect when you’ve heard enough bits and pieces to warrant wondering if a place is indeed one worthy of “legendary status”? Enter Tilted Barn Brewery in Exeter, Rhode Island.

Not your typical barn storage….

Tilted Barn’s stunning design is made even more impressive by its unassuming location — be careful not to miss its modest country sign at the end of the gravely road off the rural highway. Walking up, the barn is indeed a beautiful sight — made even more impressive by its surrounding woods, rolling hills, and relaxed vibes of outdoor picnickers.

The journey only continues as you enter the building: high ceilings propped up by huge wooden beams. Expect a comfortable vibe and engaging staff that’s both friendly and knowledgeable. This is indeed a brewery experience that more than lives up to the hype.

But What About the Beer?

We first heard of Tilted Barn over ten years ago — early in its production, but even then, they were crafting brews that made it down to us in New York and were considered with great renown. No doubt they’ve only continued to refine and develop their styles over the years, culminating in a unique tap list sure to spoil anyone looking for some of the best hoppy brews around.

Jackie’s Favorite Brew

Craft beers (like different cuisines) aren’t for everyone. Many beer fans may love specific styles and not others: like IPAs vs. stouts. These styles are as different in their flavor profiles as Irish and Filipino cuisines. In the case of Tilted Barn, you’re going to find an almost exclusively hop-forward experience. Indeed, if you’re a self-proclaimed hop-head, then this is the brewery for you!

But for the rest of us, there are still some savory options.

For those not looking for the haziest of brews, Tilted Barn’s “Fermented 34” is a wonderfully balanced Kölsch — more subtly hoppy than many of its contemporaries, and a nice choice for any season.

In the case of our visit, this brew was a great choice for a warm day amidst the scenic country vibes.

Joe’s Favorite Brew

As mentioned, there are plenty of IPA options here, presenting a wide diversity of “A” grade hops. Perhaps one our favorite drinks was “Tate the Great”. Described as featuring “an amazingly soft Pilsner malt base”, this IPA is as refreshing as they come.

Indeed, the brewers at Tilted Barn have done a ton of work over the years, as evident by the broad range of beers that all stand out in their uniquely hop-blended way.

Listen to our Full Thoughts (and Grade)!

So what did we think of their other beers? The bathrooms? The fact that there was a fish food truck at a barnyard brewery? Crack a beverage of your own and join us on our podcast to hear our full review (and grade)!

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