First Impressions

The “urban” brewery is now a staple in many cities throughout America. Often situated in older, pseudo-light industrial neighborhoods, these establishments can breathe new life to unique environments — attracting both locals and tourists from near and far.

Indeed, Moniker Brewery will stand out to you as a lively scene as you approach its wide blacktop lot and open-faced entryways. Cornhole, firepits, food stands, and picnic tables; there’s no shortage of activities to wrap yourself up in. But how does the beer stack up to other breweries?

Now this is the kinda math we can get on board with….

But What About the Beer?

New England is well known as the home of the aptly coined “New England IPA” (NIPA). Hoppy, fruity, and sometimes bitter; this style brew can draw craft beer fans from around the country.

The trick with many great NIPAs comes in balancing the blend of hops — which all possess quite distinct profiles on their own. Some NIPAs use two or three or even four or more different hops. But not all are incorporated evenly or effectively. So how does Moniker (as a New England brewery) compare to their contemporaries in this and other craft beer categories?

Jackie’s Favorite Brew

One great feature about Moniker is that there’s pretty much a style of brew for everyone. Whether you enjoy a darker, dryer stout; or a lighter, crisper pilsner; you’ll have no shortage of options in the diversity of craft beers here.

The brewers at Moniker are no doubt experts in this regard. But perhaps my favorite among this diverse palate is their “Fuzzy Distance” hefeweizen. Light, with a distinct body of banana and clove, this beer hits the mark precisely where this style of beer should.

Great for anytime of year, this drink is a strong option if you tend toward the lighter side of brews but still want a unique and distinctly flavored craft beer experience!

Joe’s Favorite Brew

This was one of the harder brews to choose among, given the fact that there were clearly three or four “A” grade beers on this menu in my opinion. But such a decision is what I like to call “a good problem to have”.

Shout out to their “Precision Engineering” NIPA, which melds several hops into one of the best beers of this style that we’ve enjoyed in a long time. But arguably my favorite brew award has to go to their “Geruachert” helles lager. Definitely not for those who like a “smoky” profile to their drink. But for those (like me) who love a glass of peaty scotch, this utterly distinct beer is a must try for beer enthusiasts and casual drinkers alike!

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So what did we think of their other beers? The bathrooms? The fact that we couldn’t figure out what potato chips to order with our meal? Crack a beverage of your own and join us on our podcast to hear our full review (and grade)!

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